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Students often have the most difficult when it comes to choosing the best essay for college. There is so much competition. If you’ve been to a conference, you know there are numerous student-written papers that are accepted. What are the key elements that make a good student paper better than a poor one?

W. F. Thompson Award

Inaugurated by Candler’s class of 1971 The W. F. Thompson Best Student Paper Award is given every year by the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) to recognize the best paper written by a student. The award consists of a cash prize of up to $1,000 and one-year membership in the AIFRB.

The award encourages students publishing their research findings. It also aims to promote professionalism in the field of fisheries.

This award is presented by the Science, Knowledge, and Technology Section. This award is given to the top paper written in graduate school. It also encourages career development among junior scholars. Self-nominations are encouraged. The award is given in alternate years.

The Best Student Paper Award is given to recognize outstanding work that has been presented at a professional meeting. Submissions should be submitted in the format of pdf. Submissions must address a significant issue and be relevant to future research. They should not exceed 35 pages. They should be double-spaced and utilize 12 point fonts. They should include references and figures. They should be accompanied with a resume or CV. The award committee will pick the winner and present the award with a plaque during the ASA meetings in Philadelphia, PA in August 2023.

The Geoffrey Tootell Mathematical Sociology Outstanding Dissertation-in-Progress Award is given to a student who has written a dissertation that employs mathematics. The award offers an award of $5,000 to the student. The award is contingent on the student remains in the Mathematical Sociology Section and submit an abstract for dissertation.

CDC Best Student-Paper Award

The IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) is the largest engineering conference for control. The 61st edition of the CDC will be held in Cancun Mexico on December 6-9. The huge participation of participants has drawn the attention of some of the world’s most renowned experts in the field.

The CDC Best Student Paper Award (or Best Student Paper Award) is an eminent award that honors the top student authors around the world for their contributions to research in control. Anup Menon (ECE), Mohammad Khosravi(CE), Priscilla Arguilar (ECE), Adrian Hauswirth, Priscilla Alguilar (ECE) and Charles Monnnyer de Galland are just a few of numerous student winners. The award is given to the student who wrote the best paper at the conference. The prestigious awards ceremony presents the award to the winner.

The prize that every student can only dream about is the top student-paper award. The awards ceremony is highly planned and attended by engineers in control engineering from the both past and present as well as their guests. The Best Student-Paper Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world. The awards are based on the accomplishments of the student, not their age, gender or other any other gimmicks. The award is only available for students who wrote papers, therefore a student can only receive one Best Student-Paper Award every year.

ACM Conference on Economics and Computation Award

During the twenty-first ACM Conference on Economics and Computation which was held in June of 2018, the ACM SIG for Economics and Computation selected the best paper for students with the student author award. The award is open to any paper that contain at least one student author. It recognizes the interdisciplinarity within the field and chooses the most influential paper that has had significant impact on applications.

The award consists of a $1,000 honorarium and an award. The 130 papers accepted are used to determine the winner’s work. The conference’s program committee is responsible for presenting the award, which is supervised by Ashwin Machanavajjhala & Neil Gong.

The award was presented to an influential paper published by a team of authors between 10 and 25 years ago. The most popular papers address issues in Mathematical optimization and also issues that are related to Mathematical economics, Bayesian probability, and Time complexity.

The award for the best student paper was presented at ACM Conference on Economics and Computation 20, which was held in Phoenix. The paper was titled Combinatorial Auctions and Interdependent Valuations. The paper’s authors are: Zeyu Shen, Ke Yi, and Mohammad Akbarpour.

The conference also awarded the Best Paper Award in Data Management Track. Mohammad Akbarpour and Shengwu Li were awarded the award. They will present their work at Cornell University.